Tips to planning an unforgettable honeymoon

Tips to planning an unforgettable honeymoon
Your honeymoon is the well-deserved rest after the what is likely a year+ planning process. It’s also the intimate celebration of your marriage with just you and your new Mr. or Mrs. This trip is where you’ll enjoy an exciting getaway where you can bask in your romantic mood and focus on the new level of your relationship. After all of the wedding related stress, this is your opportunity to just be married and fall in love with each other all over again. So yeah, it’s fair to say that the honeymoon has higher expectation than just any vacation. For this reason, a little preparation is needed to plan the honeymoon you deserve.

We will give you some great tips so that you’ll be well on your way to planning an incredible honeymoon.

Planning Early

It’s better to start planning your honeymoon earlier than waiting until the last minute. When it comes to hotels and flights, they usually get more expensive the later you book. Especially your honeymoon is during another popular vacation season. For some destinations you may need special vaccinations, visas, and a passport. Early planning ensures that you have enough time to explore options and decide on the experience you want for the honeymoon of your dreams!

Travel times of the destinations

Of course, we can’t give you the perfect travel times for all the different destinations, but for a first overview, these examples can give you some ideas:

To fly to Thailand or the Caribbean in summer should be well considered, as it is monsoon or hurricane season. For these destinations, we recommend traveling from November to May.

In summer we recommend destinations like Bali, Australia, Greece, Italy, and the rest of the Mediterranean.

From November to April we suggest the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia, or New Zealand. In autumn, South Africa or Central and South America are perfect.

Seychelles, Mauritius, or Dubai are suitable as year-round destinations.


(Yep, there’s that word again.) Your travel budget will obviously be determined by your expectations. The sky is the limit on what you can spend for travel, but there are so many budget friendly options for you to consider as well. For many honeymoon-worthy accommodations, you should plan at least $2,000 USD per person. Of course, everything depends on the season, travel duration, destination, and other factors.

But you might also ask yourself the question: How much is our honeymoon worth to us? Is it part of our must-have big-points of the wedding? Is it a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you will never forget, as you will never take such a trip again with kids? Or is it simply the relaxing end to your wedding? Consider this when determining your destination.

Consider a Travel Expert

There are so many tempting offers online that will entice you to plan your honeymoon on your own. So why should you book with a travel agent? Well, for one thing, you’ll find that the bait-and-switch offers aren’t that cheap if you analyze them closely.

Especially when planning your honeymoon, you should not do it without the experience of an expert in the field because you will benefit, in any case, from personal and detailed advice. You will receive customized offers that cover all your wishes and have a contact person for all questions and possible complications that happen before and during travel.

Regarding this topic, we have gone to a 30 year veteran in the travel industry. Our Travel Guru, Michael Schellhase is the Owner of Travel Haus, an award winning agency specializing in honeymoons and destination weddings.

Perfect Wedding Guide: How do I narrow down my options for a honeymoon?

Travel Haus: By sitting down with a professional Travel Agent to start.  Our agents will ask very pointed questions that will immediately allow us to narrow down the options and provide you with a list of options that fit your wants, needs, and budget. Having done this for 30 years, we know that these simple questions about you will help us craft memories that will last a lifetime.
What do you want to experience? What type of resort you are interested in? What important features or amenities do you want in your room? Do you prefer to swim in the ocean or pool? Do you like mountains, oceans, or maybe both?
There are many qualifying questions that our agents will ask in order to help you find the perfect destination and the best resort for your honeymoon goals.  This Honeymoon is about YOU, not us or any other person, so don’t let your best friend tell you where you should go. Let us help create something exclusively for you.

Perfect Wedding Guide: That sounds amazing, but how much does it cost to use a Travel agent?

Travel Haus: We are a full-service retail agency that has been crafting honeymoon memories for almost 30 years. We are compensated by our vendors, you as the consumer will never see any additional fees or charges from our agency for our professional services.

Perfect Wedding Guide: Why can’t I just book online?

Travel Haus: You definitely can book online, but WHY ?? As we stated, our professional services are FREE to you! We encourage all of our honeymooners to do all the research they want or have time for.  Most couples have limited time to plan their wedding so outsourcing is the best form of completing their tasks.  Our agency will guarantee you that if you find the same honeymoon at a lower price we will price match plus still give you our assistance throughout your process.

Perfect Wedding Guide: It’s a crazy time to travel internationally. What happens if I’m on my honeymoon and I get sick or something happens?
Travel Haus: This is exactly one of the reasons you want to use a professional agency like Travel Haus. Life happens, even while on your honeymoon. Our agents are always available to assist you with any unforeseen circumstance. We have the knowledge of the destinations and have contacts in all of the resorts to help should an illness happen.

As you can see there are a few things to consider when planning a honeymoon and we hope you’ll consider talking with a professional. We hope we could help you with our tips and we are sure that you will have a wonderful honeymoon.
We have partnered together with Travel Haus and AMresorts to give one lucky couple a honeymoon!

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