8 tips to find your perfect venue

8 tips to find your perfect venue


When planning a wedding, the wedding venue should be at the top of your checklist, because everything else depends on it. Without a confirmed wedding date, it’s nearly impossible to secure the rest of your wedding day team. If you have a few locations in mind that are still available for your wedding date, you should immediately check if they also meet your requirements. With our 8 best tips, we are sure that you will find the perfect venue for an unforgettable celebration.


1.Size and Layout of the Venue

What is often not considered: The size and layout of the wedding location are essential for the party atmosphere. Too many rooms or a hall that is too huge can have a negative effect on the ambiance, as the guests are spread out too far. In fact, it’s almost better if the space is rather tight because this way everyone is in the middle of the celebration.  Of course, each guest should have enough space to sit. There should also be enough free space for dancing, wedding decorations, and guest entertainment. (Right now, it is important to ask the venue about allowing room for social distancing. Hopefully this question can be eliminated very soon!)


2. Plated Meal or Buffet

The food is an important part of a perfect wedding celebration. Consider whether you would rather have a self-service buffet or a pre-determined menu that will be served to your guest tables. Both have their advantages. A buffet is usually more economical and the choice is greater, while with a plated meal all guests sit at the table at the same time and get the food served to them by waitstaff.


3.Contact Person

You should have a  dedicated contact person with whom you can coordinate everything and who will also be there for you on the day of the wedding. If someone is in charge of the entire planning of your wedding celebration and coordinates everything, you reduce the risk of things being forgotten due to a lack of communication between staff members. Even if you have done most of the planning yourself, you’ll want to let the responsibilities fall to someone else on your wedding day so that you can truly enjoy being a bride or groom.


4.Style of the Venue

It is important to ensure that your wedding concept and decoration wishes can be incorporated. Is the room already designed to fit your style or is a lot of extra effort needed? Also, we recommend you to check the lighting in the evening and plan the activities accordingly.  For example, the photo booth should not be positioned in the darkest place.




If the ceremony and the reception take place at different locations, the distance from one to the other should not be too far. Also, consider how the guests will get from the ceremony to the venue.  Is there enough parking space? If not, you can organize shuttles or let the guests know in advance that they should carpool.

In addition, consider how far away from home the venue should be at most and whether the extra effort is worth it to you. A journey of several hours will demand a lot from your guests, so you should arrange overnight accommodations or a room block at a nearby hotel.


6.Plan B (in case of less than ideal weather)

If the venue is planned for an outdoor wedding, it should still offer a weather alternative.  Can the celebration be moved indoors and are you happy with that? Are there other options, such as renting a nice party tent? Since the weather forecast can not be predicted long in advance, it’s important to at least consider an alternative option and communicate how you would implement that on short notice, should the need arise.

Of course, even a well-thought-out plan B is still only a plan B and not your first choice.




It’s important to let your guests know the schedule of the day. This can be done in your invitation, on a program, or even on a fun artsy sign at your wedding. This will help to communicate when you expect your guests to arrive at the ceremony, how long they’ll need to wait before the reception, when dinner is served, and when the evening concludes. You can also indicate whether or not you’ll be hosting an afterparty.


8.Volume Control

If you want to have an exhilarating dance party, be sure to check beforehand if there is volume control. It can really ruin the party mood if the organizer is on your cheek every time the DJ turns up the music a bit more. While this isn’t typically an issue with wedding venues, it is something worth discussing.

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