How to choose your maid of honor?

How to choose your maid of honor?

The time has come in your wedding planning for a big-time decision: Choosing your maid of honor (or maybe also a man of honor )!

Choosing one friend over another as maid of honor can be a tough decision. Family and future family make this decision even harder. Also, you may have been the maid of honor at one of your sibling’s or friend’s weddings. Does that mean she has to be the maid of honor at your wedding?

We know you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but, equally, you don’t want to feel pressured into choosing someone just because he or she wants to be chosen.

Unfortunately, we can’t make the decision for you, but we can give you some tips to make the best choice!

Trust your feelings!

The choice should be entirely about your feelings. Pick the person you feel most comfortable with, who supports you, and without who you would be nervous. It should be one of your best friends, family, or maybe even a combination of both. If someone doesn’t meet these criteria, you should better pick someone else.

Consider Choosing a Family Member

Still, struggling to make this decision? To avoid drama among your friends that you prefer a certain friend, you can rather go with a family member. Even if your friends have the expectation of being chosen as maid of honor, they will not hold it against you if you choose the family over them. After all, blood is thicker than water. While your connection and love for a friend may wane after your wedding, you will always have a strong bond with a relative.

You can have more than one maid of honor

Can’t decide between two or three friends or family members? Just ask them all! The maid of honor duties can also be divided among all of them and like this, no one will feel left out.

Ensure She or He Understands the Duties

It’s not merely a title. Being someone’s maid of honor with many different time-consuming tasks, from keeping you calm in the lead-up to the big day to delivering a heart-wrenching speech. Consider whether each possible candidate is up to the challenge. If you believe that a certain friend can hack it, it’s time to have a quick chat and make sure that friend is 100 percent onboard.

Make sure your future Maid of Honor can afford it

Accepting this honor does not come cheap. Since the maid of honor has extra duties, including planning your bachelorette party, arranging some surprises for your big day, and so on, the price tag could be even heftier.


We hope this guideline could help you to land on your leading lady/gentleman for your big day!


Perfect Wedding Guide wishes you a Happy Wedding Planning!





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