The part of blogging that confuses many people is why it is not generating any business.

The answer is really pretty simple, you are not looking at it the right way.

Yes, you must have interesting content to engage readers and your potential clients. But search engines are another large consideration and many fail to understand the importance of how they work.

Blogging runs in a huge circle. You have to blog consistently so the search engines can find and catalogue your content. However, the content you are putting out there needs to have information potential clients are looking for.

This is where most people miss the mark. If you are posting on a regular basis you are most likely posting a lot of pretty pictures and a little bit of fluffy text. But quite often you are not including keywords that potential clients are searching for. You will still get catalogued by search engines but for the wrong thing.

The right things are called keywords and the best results often come from long tail keywords, which are often phrases.

When you are writing your blog, ensure the content includes words you might use if you were searching for a product or service online.

Simply put, if I were searching for a plumber for my house I would not search plumber. At a minimum I would search plumber in St Petersburg Florida or more likely best plumber in St. Petersburg Florida or affordable plumber in St Petersburg Florida. I want a plumber near me and Plumber is too generic.

The same applies to your blogging; using Wedding Planner in your text is great if you are casting a really wide net and hoping to find clients in a really wide market anywhere in the world. Including your geographic area in your description narrows that field.

Including names of venues and the geographic region where the weddings you are writing about are located helps narrow the search. These keywords are how search engines typically pull your content when someone is searching for wedding information about that venue, location, or vendor.

Your SEO gets even better when you post vendor links on your blog. Don’t simply post them as “Photographer:” try using “St Petersburg Wedding Photographer:” and then hyperlink to the vendors website. If someone is searching for that photographer, your blog post would show up in search results because of that link.

About the author:

Mark KingsdorfMark Kingsdorf is the owner of St Petersburg Florida based Wedding Ghost, a ghost blogging and web content company working exclusively with wedding, event and hospitality professionals. He is one of 65 Master Wedding Planners in the world, a Certified Same Sex Wedding Specialist, was the founder of Philadelphia based “The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants”, Wish Upon A Wedding Philadelphia and has been a contributor to Emily Post Institute, major wedding magazines and websites as well as many wedding an event industry conferences.