You look at your google analytics and see hundreds or thousands of visitors to your site each month and scratch your head because so few wedding couples end up contacting you. And there was no way to market to those lost visitors until Facebook came out with a strategy a few years ago called Remarketing. Remarketing captures your site visitors and delivers ads to them to bring them back to your site. It will increase the success of every marketing and advertising platform you are currently involved with. How great is that? The infographic below gives a simple explanation.

How to get started with Facebook Remarketing:

1. Set up an advertising account on your behalf on Facebook through

2. Generate a tracking pixel from your account and install it on your website to track site visitors and actions.

3. Set up your first Ad Campaign.

You’ll want to make sure that you have compelling imagery or video, text, and precise messaging that sends them to your website. Make sure that your audience includes your geographic target and that you are targeting recently engaged women (or men) in the past 6 months. ? You can target by many other factors to, including income, housing makeup, and other variables to help you zone in on your clients.

4. Start tracking your site visitors through your Pixel. You can create an audience from your Pixel to remarket to.

5. Create your remarketing ad with follow up messaging from your first ad. This may be an exclusive offer, freebie, contest, or an invitation to set up an appointment.

6. Watch the leads come in! If your ads are not working as desired, you may want to reevaluate your target audience and also ensure that your website is mobile friendly as most of your traffic from Facebook is coming from a phone.

If you are an ecommerce website, you can take Remarketing a step further by using the Pixel to track website actions including adding payment information or adding an item(s) to their cart.

If you’re hosting an event and selling tickets on Eventbrite, you can install a Pixel on there as well. This can help you cultivate leads for your event and remarket to your audience that is interested in the event, but hasn’t purchased a ticket yet.

Facebook Remarketing is guaranteed to not only drive more traffic to your website, but will also to help you understand your target audience better through your ads and audience creation. If you need to get more insight from where your audience is from and what they respond best to, you’ll find that Facebook Remarketing will help you understand your business more.

The other benefit from Facebook Remarketing is that because it drives traffic to your website and Google favors popular websites that have higher traffic than its competitors, you will have a chance to rank higher on Google. So really, Facebook Remarketing is a win win. You can start today by opening up your own Facebook Business account at . Happy Remarketing!

About the author:

Brian Lawrence
Brian Lawrence owned wedding businesses that worked with over 10,000 wedding couples and was the VP of a leading national wholesale wedding brand. He has done marketing, web design, and marketing consulting for hundreds of local wedding vendors, e-commerce sites, and wholesale brands. He is a known wedding industry focused author, columnist, and speaker. He and his team have developed software for wedding businesses to reach wedding couples and other vendors on Instagram called WedFan,