New Leads Notification Changes

This month we updated the new PWG leads notification emails to reduce the steps required to access new leads. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the new changes. Here is a quick overview of the changes.(1) The email notifications for new leads will now include a direct download link to access new leads. The advertisers will no longer need to log on the PWG dashboard and execute a search to access the new leads from the notifications. The leads program database search and download features are still available for use.

(2) The number of new leads verbiage has been removed from the email notification to mitigate confusion if and when the number of new leads reported does not match the number downloaded. For example, if a lead contact unsubscribes from the PWG leads database then there might be a discrepancy in the number actual new leads available.

(3) The direct download link will remain active as long as the advertiser remains a PWG customer and leads access is enabled.

About the author:

Rick Caldwell
Rick Caldwell, VP of Technology, has worked in the IT industry since 1996. Prior to PWG, Rick worked a Consumer Source as a Technical Lead under the,,, and divisions. His leadership was instrumental in bridging the gap between print and on-line products. He attended Tennessee State University where he pursued a degree in a Computer Science. He also received a Business Administration degree at American Intercontinental University. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, hiking, camping, and traveling to exotic locations around the world. He also active volunteers mentoring at-risk youth and facilitates the development of adult career exploration programs in partnership with religious organizations in the Atlanta area.