The Boho Wedding: What it is, & How does it look like?

The Boho Wedding: What it is, & How does it look like?
If you read a bit through the world of wedding blogs and magazines, you’ll come from time to time across the term “boho wedding”. Boho weddings are at the top of wedding trends and more present than ever on Instagram and other social media. But do you actually know what exactly boho weddings are and what makes up the boho style?

The term boho is short for bohemian and was mainly coined by the bohemian, a fringe group of people in the 19th century who predominantly had literary, visual arts, and musical background and “counter-bourgeois” attitudes and behaviors. In this way, this can best be compared to the “hippie culture”.

So what does a Boho wedding look like?

The boho wedding style is relaxed, natural, and paired with chic elements. An idyllic spot in the countryside, nostalgic lanterns hanging in the trees, grandma’s lace doilies adorning an antique dresser, an etagere with tempting cupcakes and macarons next to candy jars with colorful sweets.
Basically, it can also be said that a boho wedding does not adhere to any set rules and the couple can design their wedding entirely according to their wishes.

The wedding gown in boho style

Authentic, loose, and casual, but with that certain something. In the boho wedding trend, the focus is on what is “real”. Therefore, in boho style, there is no particular dress cut, nor a specific color or shape that makes up the style. Flowing and high-quality fabrics with embroidery or lace, light and elegant at the same time, a touch of hippie or vintage – this is what the perfect dress for a boho wedding looks like. Most of the dresses in this style are champagne or ivory color rather than snow white and from the wedding dress cut rather figure-hugging.

Boho style accessories

The bohemian wedding is known for fancy jewelry and accessories. Especially when it comes to hair accessories, there are no limits to creativity. Whether it’s a flower crown, hair band with lace, loose braided hairstyle, or beach waves, the messier the hair the better. In addition for a bohemian wedding, a small colorful bouquet of meadow flowers is suitable. The bouquet can be a bit wilder and not quite accurately arranged or a bit more sprawling.
This style can be described with long, loose, and free-flowing blooms — creating boho heaven.

Decoration for a boho wedding

Decorations for a boho wedding celebration can be natural and unconventional. Everything from patchwork to jute and batik can be used as decorative elements for the wedding. Boho wedding decorations can be playful and colorful, too. From dream catchers, lanterns, fairy lights to flower garlands and cute little vintage elements, which are decorated with colorful flowers. However, besides the bright colors and patterns, boho decoration can also be more chic and sophisticated, because boho style is a bit more extravagant than hippie style.

Wedding cake with boho flair

A wedding cake is a true masterpiece and should additionally underline the most beautiful day in the life. Simply match the cake to the bohemian style decoration. If a colorful decoration was chosen, the cake decoration can be gaudy. If, on the other hand, the wedding decoration is kept rather simple, then a Naked Cake can also be a good idea as a wedding cake. This trendy wedding cake is especially characterized by its natural look and fits perfectly into a boho wedding.

Boho wedding venues

Boho weddings love the closeness to nature because nature means freedom. Nature does not adhere to any rules and restrictions. Therefore, nature-based wedding venues are typical for a boho wedding. An old barn by a big country field, a lake in the forest, or a wedding in your own garden on a wild green meadow is typical for boho style wedding.

But also particularly unusual wedding venues are typical for the boho style. This can be a colorful circus tent in the middle of a large meadow or a large glass greenhouse. There are no limits to creativity.

The most important guiding principle that you as a wedding couple should always keep in mind when planning a Boho-themed wedding is: EVERYTHING CAN, NOTHING MUST!

Even though the boho style doesn’t want to follow any explicit rules, there are some restrictions. So, you probably won’t find white chair covers, red hearts, and balloons or even gigantic princess dresses with huge hoop skirts and lots of tulle at a boho wedding. Because one thing is for sure – a boho wedding is definitely not a classic wedding.

So get rid of conventions, of “But we have to, because…”, find your wedding style and celebrate a wedding that reflects you as people, you as a couple, even if mom or the beloved grandma won’t go with all conformity 😉

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Perfectweddingguide wishes you a happy planning!


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