Perfect Wedding Guide Brides

Who is She?

The average age of a bride in the United States is 27. Her groom is 29. They will be engaged for 15 months and invite 136 guests to their wedding. There will be approximately 2,177,419 weddings in the United States in 2014. 66% of those brides will spend less than $20,000 on their wedding.

Perfect Wedding Guide is the resource for the mainstream bride. She’s savvy. She’s practical. And she knows how to find what she wants for her big day. Brides turn to more than one resource when planning their wedding. The more places she sees you, the more opportunities you have to book business. 90% of brides use both print and digital resources to research their wedding. 91% of decision makers say it’s easier to remember a company’s brand or product/service when seen in multiple outlets, like print, digital and at events. Perfect Wedding Guide is targeted advertising that is positioned for the mainstream bride and reaches all budget levels, everywhere she is looking to buy.

  • Average age of the bride is 27
  • She is working full time and does not live at home
  • The bride and groom are paying for almost 70% of their wedding and doing a great deal of the planning
  • Her number one complaint is vendors do not return her emails (inquiries) on time
  • Referrals do not carry the weight they once did because she is looking for her unique experience
  • She is looking for the vendors with which she can partner throughout the wedding planning process
  • Aggressively promote the ways in which you can provide ideas, assist her with the “wedding of her dreams”, be responsive and deliver